Corporate Super

At Exelsuper, we specialise in advising many large corporate clients on how to maximise the benefits of their super scheme.

Businesses can play an integral role in ensuring the financial security of employees and their families via the facilitation of specialist superannuation advice and education services. By incorporating specialist advice solutions into an employee benefits program we assist your organisation to attract and motivate quality staff and become an employer of choice.

At Exelsuper, we utilise a two-pronged approach by advising both an employer and its employees. We assist Employers with reviews and tenders of their corporate superannuation fund, as well as payroll and HR with the management of superannuation. We are equally committed to ensuring that your employees and their families are provided with the best financial solutions to provide appropriate insurance cover and optimal retirement benefits. Our Superannuation Specialist Advisers spend significant time visiting work sites and ensuring employees receive the advice, education and guidance they need.

Exelsuper is not aligned with any bank, funds management or insurance companies and stand independently when providing advice and consultancy services to clients. This provides our clients with high levels of confidence, both in the advice we provide and in the decisions they make in relation to their employee benefits programs.​

Exelsuper's depth of research combined with significant specialist expertise and experience delivers optimal solutions for your company HR strategy and your employee’s financial future.